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Marshallx Industries
 Kingdom of Eternity
Kingdom of Eternity is in development and not yet available for download.
Kingdom of Eternity is an AoS map with a twist and numerous original spells, created by Marshall and XavierEternal for WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne.

In their private reality cut off from the rest of the universe, the citizens of Eternity prepare to face off against their sinister foe. Will our heroes succeed in defending Eternity, or will they be crushed by the Dungeon Dimension gribblies?

 Story of Eternity

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away the people were happy and joyous until a sinister enemy emerged from the shadows. Much murder and mayhem ensued as is standard procedure in these circumstances. As the universe turned to darkness the few surviving souls used their most powerful magic to create a tiny separate reality that they could escape to, and live in perpetual freedom and happiness. The people of Eternity thought they had escaped the Dungeon Dimension forever, but now the gribblies have found a way in and are bent on absorbing Eternity into their domain.
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