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 Opposing Force: Fracture
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Acclaimed Planet Half-Life 'level of the week', "Fracture" is a multiplayer death-match map for Half-Life: Opposing Force.

Fracture is a medium-large size map set in a Military Research Facility specializing in high-tech weapons, biological research and teleportation.

Players: The more the merrier!
Additional Files: Textures embedded in map file, readme file (op4_fracture.txt) included in download.

When you start or respawn you will have the following items: Knife, 9mm Handgun (2 clips), 5 Hand Grenades, 1 Trip Mine, 15% Suit Energy and the Long Jump Module.
All Half-Life and Opposing Force weapons are available in this map. Be sure to read "op4_fracture.txt" for useful information.

 Special Features

Core Shutdown:
Requires Unit 1 Power to be shut off first, then Unit 2 Power (thirty second limit between the shutting off of both Power Units). The core explosion has a similar effect to Crossfire's air strike (except you can survive with enough armor and distance from the core). The safe zone can be accessed via spatial rift or by train. After a core explosion, the map becomes 'fractured' and invisible spatial rifts open at random throughout the facility.

Spatial Rifts:
Other than those already mentioned, there are some permanent, more reliable rifts in the core room that lead to other parts of the facility.

Hazardous Material Storage:
A firefight in here could have explosive consequences.

Bio Tank / Shock Roach Tank:
Both tanks can be drained to trap people inside and the bio tank has a vent that can release Snarks.
 Known Bugs
One door does not open by itself, you must 'use' it to open it (the door in the control room next to Unit Power 1).
There are a few minor texture errors.
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