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Marshallx Industries
 Stargate SI-1
Stargate SI-1 is presently incomplete and not in development.
It was going to be a Science & Industry map based on Stargate SG-1.
 Special Features
Fully animated and ever so cool looking, the Stargate allows multiple people to travel to the enemy base simulataneously. It is the main connection between the opposing bases. There is, however, no iris, because it was too hard to make it look good and would have made it almost impossible to travel between the bases.

Transport Rings
The rings can transport a group of people to and from the Goa'uld ship in orbit. The contents of each ring set swap places when the system is active.

The most recently researched weapon is located in the Research Lab, rather than in the Cloning Facility. This makes it easier for the enemy to steal your prototypes and forces you to go to the research lab in order to acquire the newest technology.

There are several computers in the Research Lab that can be destroyed, as well as the main cloning computer which can cause major problems for the enemy cloning process. The cloning computer is located inside the enemy Cloning Facility so it is very hard to access.
The MCL cloning facilities. 
Wow, this place goes on forever! 
The labs are only a stone's throw from the stargate. 
The latest prototype is not secure in the labs. Guard it well! 
The quantum mirror lets our scientists conduct research into other universes. 
Just when you thought you had all the entrances covered... 
Escaping at the last possible second, reminiscent of Daniel in the film. 
HR. Whatever you're carrying - just toss it in there, no need to get intimate with him. 
Dial out to AFD before they can dial in! 
Chevron four encoded! 
Damn! The blast door won't close! Squad, get in position! 
Ah, a turret with infinite ammunition! 
Chevron two encoded! 
Chevron seven, locked. 
The money shot. 
What awaits us on the other side? Are AFD lying in ambush? 
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