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 Launch Base
Launch Base 0.99.258 (Public Beta) [1088 KB]
Launch Base Mod Creator 0.99.112 (Public Beta) [556 KB] (requires Launch Base)
 What is Launch Base?
Launch Base is a (or, more correctly, the) launching platform for Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge.
Instead of having a separate XCC Mod Launcher (or worse, just a ZIP file) for each mod, Launch Base stores your mods within it's own directory structure. When you run the Launch Base application it will list all the available mods and details about them, allowing you to quickly browse and select a mod to play. Launch Base will then activate that mod for you, deactivating any previous mod and backing up any neccessary files automatically. Once a mod is activated Launch Base will automatically launch the game and, when the game closes, tidy up and puts things back the way they were.

Now, you may wonder how much better that is than using a stand-alone XCC Mod Launcher so take a look at the benefits of Launch Base below, as well as the various other features that Launch Base has to offer.

Screenshot of Launch Base using the default skin

Download the public beta and see for yourself.
If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or problems with Launch Base then please don't hesitate to contact me or post a message on the forum.
 Launch Base Features
·Mod files are uncompressed and precompiled, making for the quickest possible activation.
·Residual mod files (left over from previous mods) are automatically removed (after first backing them up).
·Comprehensive user interface gives details about all your mods in one place, allowing you to browse and select a mod to play quickly.
·Check for updates facility allows you to check for and download updates to both mods you already have and new mods that you don't yet know about.
·Options for automatically recording and playing back the scripted game videos.
·Handling of other user-generated content such as saved games, to avoid mix-ups between mods.
·Game configurations are maintained on a per-mod basis (which can even help to prevent some Internal Errors).
·Also handles plugins, allowing you to (de)activate them as and when needed. In the case of the Terrain Expansion, can even (de)activate it automatically depending on whether or not a mod supports it.
·Also handles mods specifically for use with FinalAlert 2 YR (including actual FA2 files).
·Launch Base Mod Creator program allows you to easily release your own mods for use with Launch Base along with a feature-rich executable installer.
·Numerous customisable options for both Launch Base itself and launching Red Alert 2 or Yuri's Revenge.
·Automatic integration with Syringe and Ares as and when needed, completely invisible to the end user.

...plus much more!
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