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 CSF Class for VB6
NB: This is a work-in-progress. It has not been fully tested and may be updated without warning.
CSF Class for Visual Basic 6 [18 KB]
If you don't have Visual Basic 6, the file can be opened in any text editor.
This Visual Basic 6 class module was written for Launch Base so that it can handle CSF files (the string table, ra2md.csf, used by Yuri's Revenge).

The class is easy to use and allows you to quickly load, save, add or replace a single label, or merge from a whole other string table.

The merge facility can work with secondary CSF files, or TXT files like XCC Mod Creator supports. TXT files can be coded in ANSI or Unicode, and the class also translates "$\n" in a label's value into a new line (because a new line in the TXT file would indicate the end of a label).

As stated above, this class is a work-in-progress so some of the features described above may not work correctly or at all. There is still a lot of testing to be done before it is a finished product. Please let me know if you notice any problems with it.
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