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 Playlist Manager
YR Playlist Manager 2.0 [85 KB] (requires Launch Base)
Soundtrack Guide by CannisRabidus [30 KB] (ZIP file containing web pages)
The YR Playlist Manager, created by Marshall with contributions from CannisRabidus, allows you to choose the tracks that you would like to hear in-game whilst playing Yuri's Revenge, as well as letting you choose what tracks you would like to hear on the various menus.
You can include all, some or none of the tracks from various Command & Conquer soundtracks:
Red Alert, Counterstrike, Covert Operations, Aftermath, Tiberian Dawn, Tiberian Sun, Firestorm, Red Alert 2, Yuri's Revenge, Red Alert 2 "Extra Tracks"
The Red Alert 2 "Extra Tracks" comprise of the three previously unreleased tracks 'Ready The Army', 'C&C In The House' and 'Probing'.

Before you can include any tracks you must first acquire the appropriate soundtrack files either by downloading them or making them yourself.
The YRPM Soundtrack Guide (written by CannisRabidus) contains all you need to know about making your own music packs. It can be viewed online here, or downloaded (see above).

The Yuri's Revenge soundtrack is, of course, already available to you, as is the Red Alert 2 soundtrack (you will be prompted to insert a Red Alert 2 CD if neccessary).

Also available to the YRPM is the "YR: Enemy Unknown" plugin: four tracks specially selected for the Yuri's Revenge mod/tc 'Enemy Unknown'.
The tracks included in the Enemy Unknown plugin are:
Set The World On Fire [UK Biff & Memphis Remix]
Fight It Back
Until The End
Campione 2000
and are all by E-Type.

You can also include your own custom soundtrack via the YRPM. Details of how to do this can be found in the soundtrack guide, mentioned above.
The YRPM works with or without mods, however the track names in the in-game playlist will be 'missing' if you are not running a supporting mod (or Launch Base, which automatically adds the needed track labels).

If you are playing a mod that does not provide support for the YRPM, then any audio tracks that that mod includes will be disabled. You will need to deactivate your custom playlist to hear that mod's tracks.
The UMP and any mods built on it will provide full YRPM support.

Two people can have different playlist configurations and still play in the same network or internet game.

If you wish to enable YRPM support in your own mod, check out the mod support page.
The various Command & Conquer soundtracks usually contain two extra tracks (such as Score Theme, Credits Theme, Map Select Theme or Menu track) that you may not want to include in your in-game playlist. Simply select your chosen soundtrack from the dropdown list and uncheck any unwanted tracks.

It is recommended that you copy THEMEMD.MIX from your Yuri's Revenge CD to your Red Alert 2 folder, in order to decrease track loading times.
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