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Marshallx Industries
 YR 1.002 UMP
UMP 8.0 [2,247 KB] (requires Launch Base)
UMP Developers Pack 8.03 [2,377 KB] (requires Launch Base)
Note that the UMP is now only available via Launch Base.
The UMP (or "YR Unoffcial 1.002 Mini-Patch") is in the form of a mod and does not permanently affect Yuri's Revenge. It is designed for those who want some bug fixes but are not interested in game modifications.

You can play online with the UMP provided all players have the same version enabled.

If you have discovered any bugs and/or fixes then let us know! We will continue to update the UMP as new fixes are discovered.

If you wish to include the bug fixes provided by the UMP in your own mod then download the Developer's Pack, which includes several 'fixed' mod files, code examples and comments on potential fixes.
 Yuri's Revenge Performance Tips
If you have plenty of free hard drive space then you can improve the game's performance by copying some files from the Yuri's Revenge CD to your Red Alert 2 folder. These files will then be read from your hard drive during the game, minimizing the amount of time spent accessing the CD.

The files you should copy are MAPS03MD.MIX, MULTIMD.MIX, and THEMEMD.MIX, and can all be found in the root of your Yuri's Revenge CD. You can also copy MOVMD03.MIX which contains the single-player video cut-scenes - this file is very big though!
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